Special Religious Education is a unique partnership between local churches across NSW and the schools in their neighbourhood.


For a church to provide SRE teachers, it must be an Approved Provider on the government list, or be part of a denomination on the list. Click here to view the list.

Independent churches not on the list need to go through a process to obtain Approved Provider status. Hunter Christian SRE can help your church through this process. If you’d like help with it, contact Sue Sneddon 0400 652 505.


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Currently over 100 classes in our local schools are missing out on SRE due to a teacher shortage. That’s over 2000 children who could benefit from exploring faith in school if they had an authorised teacher to help them.

We believe there are many Christians in local churches who would make excellent SRE teachers if they were approached and trained. Here’s are some ideas.

  1. Taste and See Potential SRE teachers are always welcome at SRE training and at each event last year there were those exploring if they thought it was for them.  Current teachers can take prospective teachers with them on a visit to the school. They’ll need to have a working with children check and you’ll need to let the school know in advance. Contact Kate Baker to arrange a ‘Taste and See’.
  2. Virtual visit  If possible provide video footage of an SRE class in action so church members can see, hear and experience the fun, delight, questioning that takes place. If you can’t do video, talk them through a lesson. Show the curriculum and explain how easy it is to use and the resources that are provided. Answer their questions.
  3. Challenge church leaders and kids ministry team members to go as a visitor and experience an SRE class.
  4. Provide babysitting so young mums can teach. Find out what days and times your local schools run SRE and offer babysitting at church for this period so that mums can drop their kids off, go and teach then collect kids.
  5. Advertise specific vacant classes  in church bulletin/enews/newsletter  with the day and time and who to contact.
  6. Recruitment clip on Facebook The Hunter Christian SRE Facebook page has a short recruitment clip suitable for use in church services and small groups to spark people’s interest. There are a number of other clips on the Resources page as well.

Contact Sally Smith 4920 6852 or Kate Baker you’d like help with recruitment.

Download a flyer of recruitment ideas that have worked here